Neika’s Art


Use this payment button to pay for any art you want. (buy at $50 increments to purchase the size you want) This includes shipping, this does not include matting or framing. Then call Neika at 415 570 3028 to confirm your selection, size and address. Continue to be the Movement for Beauty and Love.



“I Am Painting From A Flower”

Neika puts her art to work to contribute to the beautifying, nurturing, and empowering  environments in Women’s Shelters, and Homes for Children.  When you purchase these fine art prints, 50% of the sales, off the top, are given to organizations who care for women and children, along with one of Neika’s drawings – which is selected by the residents of the home.

Returning to our Beauty, Innocence and Truth

v2 Neika Whittermore -18-08-17-2018-08-176061

8″ x 12″ $50

14″ x 18″ $150

18″ x 22″ $250

22″ x 26″ $550


Neika Whittemore

415 570 3028

South Pasadena, CA 91030