Breathwork Sessions and Retreats



Private Ishaya Breathwork Sessions are offered in the South Pasadena, California and in Retreats locations by Supriya. Call 415 570 3028 to book an appointment. Allow two hours.

Allow two hours for a session and wear comfortable clothing. Sessions are $180.00.



Ishaya Breathwork Session with Supriya



We offer Ishaya Breathwork Sessions during our Month Long Mastery of Loving Courses. This is a part of The Ishaya Monks Teacher Training. You are invited to come as an Advanced Ascender for a Meditation and Breathwork 5- day Retreat during a Mastery Month. The group breathwork sessions are included with your retreat tuition. Call for dates and more information – or contact us through this website.

 Supriya at 415 570 3028






…I do not need to suffer

…I deserved to be healed

…I can let go of all pain and disease

…the Holy Spirit in me knows the solution

…it is safe, right and holy to have a body

…I can be really happy

…I can give myself love and keep it

…I can have all I need and want

…I can handle a lot of energy

…I can trust myself to do the right thing

…I can be defenseless

…I am at peace

…my body responds to feeling really good

…I can totally relax

…I can become wiser and wiser

…I can soy no without losing people’s love

…I can enjoy food, money and sex

…I can enjoy everything

…I have nothing to worry about

…I can leave situations that are not good

…fun is natural

…success is natural

…I do not have to age and die and punish myself

…I can live as long as I choose

…I can be in the kingdom of heaven here and now

…I can be close to the spiritual masters

…I can make a big contribution to humanity

                                                             ~ Sondra Ray