Integrative Coaching, Deep Listening


Neika has created a unique integrative coaching program where she works with the individual on a daily basis by phone. After the initial interview, which takes about one hour or less, Neika will determine if what she has to offer is a fit, or will suggest other resources for you. This way, you can also determine if her coaching style is a fit for you. After all, this IS a relationship! There is no charge for this initial consultation.

The daily calls are 10-20 minutes, with a longer call about once a week. The longer call is about 45 minutes.

Neika has found that in daily support, we can implement permanent shifts. This is a one month minimum and the average client is six months. Neika does have returning clients and wants to make it clear that she empowers people – she does not “take prisoners”.

You may not be clear about what you really want to accomplish. If that is the case, the first coaching call , after the initial interview, would be about discovering that.

Neika charges $3,300.00 per month for her services. There is a sliding scale for people who have participated one of her retreats or former clients.

Another unique offering is for Neika to actually live with you for five days or a week. This is an intimate partnership where she listens deeply for of your relationships. This service is offered only after six months to one year of integrative coaching sessions. This  empowerment program is custom designed for each client.

Additionally, traditional individual sessions (about sixty to ninety minutes) by phone or in person are available for $330 per session.

She has began this deep listening for individuals, families and groups in 1998.

Call 415 570 3028 to make an appointment.


One of Session of Integrative Coaching