January 4 to February 2, 2023

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As Rumi famously wrote, “This being human is a guest house – every morning a new arrival.” Sometimes we need spiritual tools and allies in order to meet the “new arrival” of a challenge or season of living. The Heart of Devotion spiritual retreat is for those seeking to navigate major life changes. This retreat is designed to be the safe and healing container required for contemplation, connection, radical self-care and the realization of your own “true north”.

Yosemite 2019
  • Silent and Guided Group Meditation, Deep Listening with Supriya
  • Devotional Voice with DevaVani
  • Hiking and Outdoor activities in Guam
  • Free time to rest, relax, create
  • Private sessions with each facilitator
  • Sound Experiences
  • Ancient Spiritual Rituals

The Heart of Devotion Retreat provides a curated environment designed to heighten awareness and conscious connection through your own deep listening and embodiment. Our program addresses body, mind and spirit through periods of silent meditation, devotional voice, community living, fun, celebration, and outdoor activity. The Heart of Devotion is where we “polish the mirror” with shared community experiences. Participants will share a retreat home, help prepare our delicious fresh organic plant-based meals. These shared daily retreat experiences create an intimacy and dynamic connection we find so powerful in retreat.

Transportation not included


Register now by calling or texting Supriya at: (mobile) 415-570-3028


SUPRIYA  – Supriya’s life calling is to reconnect the heart of humanity to the heart of mother earth. As an entrepreneur, her work is in empowering individuals and groups to experience their absolute freedom. Supriya took eternal vows as an Ishaya monk in January 2005. She is a Universal Ishaya Meditation teacher of teachers, leading month-long meditation retreats in the Sierras called “The Mastery of Loving”.

A woman for all seasons, Supriya is also a visual artist and integrative life coach, a Reiki master in the Usui tradition since 1992. Recently she has served on staff as Manager of Family Division Programs for Landmark Worldwide, in Los Angeles.  She has been known to step into the position of Private Domestic Estate Manager for select clients. As a former executive chef, executive pastry chef, chocolatier, private chef, cateress, and World Cafe owner/manager (30 years) she and her St. Louis culinary team were chosen for the honor of cooking at the James Beard House in New York City three times in the early 1990s.

Supriya is deeply grateful to actively participate for the last twenty years with the Lakota of North America and more recently, the Kogi of South America. She shares their indigenous wisdom with others through traditional ceremony and ritual. Together with husband Alan, she is also currently engaged in creating direct experiences in human consciousness/ awareness using acoustic sound via the international Resonance Group.

Supriya is joyful to be co-leading spiritual retreats with Devavani. “The way we intimately navigate, listen and create together is an extraordinary experience for me and the Juice of Life.” See more at: http://www.artofawareness.me

DEVAVANI  – Devavani is a lifelong singer, having grown up in a musical home. Her training includes teaching music and movement education to children; directing children’s & adult choirs; creating and producing the San Diego Conscious Music Fest in 2013 / 2015; Certification to teach Yoga of the Voice from Vox Mundi School of Sound and the Voice; and two decades experience as Music Director for Universal Spirit Center in San Diego, CA. where she has been a talented inspirational singer and a well-loved devotional chant leader.

DevaVani relocated from San Diego to the beautiful island of Guam in 2018, and now provides local classes to her island friends as well as dynamic online individual and group Voice Yoga sessions which share the healing wisdom tradition called Nada Yoga with people around the world.

Devavani and Supriya have been co-leading spiritual retreats for the last five years in beautiful places where nature plays a powerful role in supporting their healing work. “Meeting you is truly the highlight of my work as singer and teacher. My heart soars when the power in your voice is set free!”

See more at: www.DevavaniVoiceJourneys.com



“there is no cookie-cutter enlightenment”

We design our spiritual retreats from the intentions of our participants. What we do is provide the environment for you to recognize and nurture the experience of God within you. We implement a state shift that opens up for the next six months following the retreat. This is achieved by design, the community group dynamic, the practices, and listening for the Life that presents Itself when we discover and navigate together.
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