Meditation and Somatic Rejuvenation


Come to the Big Island to play with Starry and Supriya, in a Hawaiian Paradise

for Meditation and Somatic Rejuvenation – oh yes!

Would you like to expand your capacity to love? What would that look like in your Life? What next level of the miraculous would you become open to receiving?

Join us in experiencing the Grace and Freedom of navigating Intimacy together. We will be practicing Deep Listening with our bodies, with one another, and with the voices of this magnificent land. Turn towards your soul. Feel the support. Be nurtured and receive.

Supriya enjoying Life
Starry enjoying Yoga and Life

Hawaiian Island Retreat’s eco-boutique hotel and wellness spa is a place of intentional peacefulness, set among towering evergreens and ocean breezes along The North Kohala Coast. When you come to this location, it is innate to feel the wonder of this sacred land.

Relax and enjoy fifty oceanfront acres of gardens, wild groves and ancient valley trails.

Say “Yes!” and join master teachers, Starry and Supriya, in this Meditation and Somatic Rejuvenation Retreat in Hawaii, July 8-14, 2022. Form a new relationship with your body as your ally by learning to meet and heal old trauma stored in your cells. When we sit for our meditations, it is ever more abidingly in the presence and flow of the eternal. There will also be plenty of time and space to enjoy the bliss of simply being alive.

Your “YES!” includes: 

* 2 large, organic, farm-to-table meals/day + fresh fruit and snacks all day

* Luxurious, eco-boutique, off-grid accommodations at Hawaii Island Retreat on Big Island   

* Daily deep, extended meditation in the traditions of Advaita Vedanta and Kashmir Shaivism  

* Daily yoga/qigong/dance, singing/chanting/toning, rituals 

* Group circles for authentic and intimate connections – experiences of being deeply seen, heard, accepted and loved. Experiencing the vulnerability and trust that lead to loving tribes and families. Releasing trauma through the body with Somatic Experiencing techniques. Deep relaxation and easy fun!

* Spacious times of self-exploration and connection to the land and ocean 

* Infinity, saltwater pool, hot tub, walking trails on 50 acres, oceanfront  yoga/meeting studio and shared spaces   

– Shared: $1,620 
– Single: $2,308

Hotel Rooms:
– Shared (twin): $1,974
– Shared (king/queen): $2,074
– Single (king): $3,116


– Shared Bungalow (queen): $2,246
– Single (king/queen): $3,360 

Optional add-ons:  

– Adventures: Beach trips, hiking, snorkeling, hiking, volcano expedition
– One-on-one sessions with Supriya and/or Starry  
– Massages and/or spa treatments  
– Hawaiian classes: Hula, Lei-Making or “Legends & Lore” walking tour
– Ride-sharing to/from airport (about $75/each way) or car rental  

Please give us a call, we are looking forward to connecting with you. Thank you.

Starry Summers, SEP, Eryt 500  

314 378 5942


415 570 3028