Meditation Tour in the 1971 Vintage Airstream


2019 Meditation Tour dates in our National Parks



“Within each of us there is a silence,

a silence as vast as the universe…

When we experience that silence, we remember

who we are, creatures of the stars,

created from time and space, created from silence…

Silence is our deepest nature, our home,

our common ground, our peace…

Silence is where God dwells. We yearn to be there.

The experience of silence is now so rare.

This is especially true for shared silence. “

                                                                              ~ Adapted from Gunilla Norris, Shared Silence


Supriya and Scout will be there. Other Universal Ishaya monks and Teachers may be there.

You will need to bring your own camping gear, food and water, and a donation @ $33/per night. Prepare for day hiking and sitting in group meditation. You may be expected to pay for your own vehicle parking space, if required ($6-$10 per night) Please bring a gift for Supriya and The Ishaya Monks. It is necessary to phone or text Supriya @ 415 570 3028 for exact location. Or take your chances and follow your adventurous heart!

near Yosemite National Park, CA

October 13-27, 2019

in Kings Canyon National Park, CA

Dates TBD

Joshua Tree National Park, CA 

Next dates TBD

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA

Next Dates TBD

Yellowstone National Park, WY

Dates TBD

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Next Dates TBD

Zion National Park, Utah

Next dates TBD



Denali National Park

Dates TBD