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August 27 – September 2, 2022

Seven days, six nights in The High Sierras of California. There is one long, adventurous road into and out of Mono Hot Springs – and the environment reveals more beauty and stillness as we travel into this mountain wilderness. Did I say cool and lovely green, lush, mountain meadows with streams and rivers? Yes! And remember – it is hot and dry in the Valley down below. Take some relief from the summer, oppressive, dry heat in August. A perfect environment to give your nervous system some relief from all the 5G. There is no internet available except for on the front porch of the Hot Springs general store. Let your loved ones know that you will most likely be out of cell phone range.

Enjoy daily bathing and soaking in a private room with large, deep tubs full of hot natural mineral spring water to purify your body and revitalize your soul. Relax. Release.

This tuition of $800 per person is all-inclusive for this 6 night, 7 day meditation/hiking retreat. (1-5 nights os $150 per night per person) This includes gourmet cuisine, daily program, daily group meditation, etc. Our lodging is based on shared occupancy with six like-hearted friends in cabin #18. Yes, there is only room for 6 of us – and I am one of those six! Will you be joining us?

Call Supriya at 415 570 3028 for more details and to reserve your place.

On the Road to Our Retreat Cabin
A few of our participants of the October 2021 retreat

Non-refundable deposit to register into Mono Hot Springs Mountain Retreat

August 27-September 2