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“In the existence of your love, I become non-existent. This non-existence linked to you is better than anything I have ever found in existence. ”  ~ Rumi


MASTERY OF LOVING One month intensive . March 2 – 28,  2019   $3300 per month (all inclusive) * *Please click on tab at top of this page for details. MASTERY OF THE SELF.

We are Ushering in The Age of The Direct Path, The Age of Miracles.

Spiritual Retreat at CASA del SOL at GHOST RANCH with The Universal Ishaya Monks.  December 6-12, and/or December 13-19, 2018.


Non Refundable Deposit

non - refundable deposit for your space in the Ghost Ranch Retreat - one week. includes lodging based on double occupancy and gourmet vegan meals. Tuition is $895 per person. There are also private rooms with bath available at a premium price.


Supriya Ishaya @415 570 3028


October 2017 Mastery Group

Some Participants and Ishaya Monks from July “Mastery of Loving” Course


Basic Meditation Course –  First Sphere of The Ishayas’ Ascension 

This is a 16 hour course in meditation as taught by The Ishayas. Ishaya is a sanskrit word that means “for Christ-Consciousness”, or ” Enlightenment”, etc. These simple and powerful techniques are based on Praise, Gratitude, Love and Compassion. Belief is from the surface level of the mind and is not required. This also includes a weekly 30 minute conference phone call for six weeks. After you have completed this course, you may audit it as many times as you like for the rest of your life. The Ishayas’ Ascension Meditation, is taught worldwide. Hours are Friday evening 7-10pm, Saturday and Sunday, 10am – 5pm. Unless otherwise noted. Tuition is $400.

All major credit cards accepted.


Basic Meditation Course – First Sphere of The Ishayas’ Ascension

in South Pasadena, CA January 11, 12 and 13, 2019 Friday: 7-9 PM Sat: 10am to 5 pm Sun: 10am to 5pm


non refundable deposit for The First Sphere of the Ishayas Ascension

January 11, 12 and 13 in South Pasadena, CA





AVR Friends
Our Friends at Allegretto Vineyard Resort in Paso Robles, CA

ENJOY A 3 minute FILM by Susan Metcalf,  “Abbey Lites“, as Neika, Alan and Friends Create “THE INITIATION”.



For testimonials and information about The Ishayas’ Ascension Meditation watch “Choice” –  a film that has been released on DVD. Here is the trailer:




Our Friends in Columbia, South America


The event below was an international meditation event. (It was not exclusively an Ishaya Meditation event) People from many meditation traditions participated. This relationship continues – and we are leaving this information here for those who are interested in future events.

RETREAT with ARHUACO (Kogi) Shamans from the high mountains of Columbia , South America ON MT SHASTA, CA – September 9, 2017. (Complete – and it was miraculous!)

With the invitation from the Kogi Mamoos, a small group of us traveled to Columbia, South America to learn their ancient traditional wisdom ways. We will be returning in June 2018. If you are called to join us – there is an application process to engage with the Kogi Spiritual Leaders. Contact Supriya @415 570 3028. Space is limited to 15 people.

I have suddenly realized that this is the unfolding of a vision that I began to speak about when I lived in St. Louis, MO in 1998. I observed and became deeply curious about all the mounds and pyramids and ancient places all over the Earth – where we as humans used to gather in high ceremony and ritual. The way I research is to ask questions – to discover with the tribe (community) and to feel into these places and listen deeply.

What I discovered – which was not new – is that we were driven out of these places. By what ever means was available. When we insisted on our expression of Life, we were killed and forbidden to hold high ceremony in these places – “where the Earth is thin” – and our relationship with Her is felt and celebrated. These mounds and pyramids  are “accupuncture” points for the Earth – to hold The Heart – and maintain the Balance.

Make no mistake about it. The Earth does not need us to Live. If we continue to “mis-behave”, She will shake us off like fleas and begin again.

As time passed, some of these places have been hidden by the indigenous peoples. The ancient ceremonies were taken to remote places like the mountains of Columbia, and other places and cultures, where they could be protected and remain pure. As time passed, some of these places were made into National Monuments or Parks where they were preserved in that way, however these ancient ceremonies were made against the law in these now public places.

I could see in 1998, that there would be a time when the indigenous people – who have preserved the ceremonies -would come to these places on The Earth again. It is time NOW to come to MOUNT SHASTA and join with The Kogi Shamans to restore and nurture humanity’s relationship with The Earth.

This has not been anchored into the heart of  The Earth yet.

See the link below for your invitation. This is not for everybody. Be sure you know what you are here to contribute to this ceremony on September 9, 2017 in Mt. Shasta. The Kogi are asking for our help financially and to be there in the physical space with them to make their way in the world to return to these places and perform ceremony. Mt Shasta is their first stop. Other locations are to follow. We are on a “need to know basis”. So you will not get a lot of lead time or hand-holding to plan your trip.

If it is going on here – it is going on everywhere. So ask for it to be revealed to you and continue to participate and contribute anyway you can.

To those of you who have an innate sense of what this is all about:

Thank you with all my heart for being on the planet at this time. Stay in your prayer.


shasta temple sierra

Neika/Supriya Whittemore

415 570 3028 direct

South Pasadena, CA 91030

The Ishayas’ Ascension Meditation is taught here by The Universal Ishaya Monks. The Teacher Training is taught one month at a time in California in luxurious vacation homes in nature in small intimate groups of focused people. Call Supriya at 415 570 3028.



“I came with intentions for my self and my life. I left with a knowing of the support of sisterhood that exists for me, for all of us, at all times, and always. The teaching was organic. I learned about opening my heart and being compassionate with myself through the chanting and singing we did together. Doing the activities together; cooking, cleaning, hiking, etc – quickly built us into a strong supportive tribe of women. I wlll be forever grateful for my shift in consciousness that occured through this event.  ~Sherri Ginand, San Diego, CA


“Being at the  Sound and Silence Retreat made me feel like a Grinch in the rest of my life. I came and took all the gifts that you had to give (meditation, chants, integrity, safety, and support) and once I took those gifts, I realized that the community still had so much love to give. That’s when my heart grew 3 sizes. My willingness to be present in my life has grown as well, it has already improved relationships that I didn’t think needed improving. Thank you for creating the space to build a new family. I feel like I have 10 new soul sisters and I love it!”    ~  Kris Warholm, San Diego, CA

“My soul sings out…I hear the birds in a fresh way… Nature’s beauty experienced from a place of awe and inspiration…Bathed in the waters of love and innocence…Venturing forth as freshly born into a world that supports consciousness and loving presence. A community of love, peace and light. The phoenix rises from the ashes to soar infinitely in the presence of the divine.   Freedom…to be…to discover…to release…and to be reborn in a world that supports with love and beauty.”  ~ Donna Lawrence, Chula Vista, CA

“From the snow-covered mountains to the desert drenched sun, Sound and Silence opens my heart and soul and I carry that back to the world!”~ Dr. D. R. Mech, Encinitas, CA


Testimonials from Sound and Silence Woman’s Desert Retreat, April 2016 and 2017

“So much work was done in such a short time with magnificent, immediate results. ”


“I was inspired by holistic integrated expanded consciousness held in a clean and strong workspace FUN WORK TIME!”


“Gave me sustainable strong and faster development of my empathic training than the other modalities I’ve experienced so far.”


“The Breathing helped me to clear emotional density and took me straight into who I am as a spiritual being. The meditations were gentle and powerful and my practice is now reinforced.”


“I learned that there is always a solution, there are tools in hand. I learned to honor my heart guidance for wherever I am in the moment. This retreat gave me the space to open my heart.”


“Doors opened, I experienced depths not yet discovered within me – beautiful.”


“It was perfect and real. I liked that it was raw and whatever needed to emerge was allowed to do so.”


“Many lessons learned, personal growth, new amazing friends.”


My world is larger, my life is connected, supported and guided. I don’t feel alone anymore. I arrived broken and left healed.”

Testimonials from Samadhi Breathwork and Meditation Retreat, October 2016

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