RoseThe Third Quarter of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali describes the second stage of Enlightenment; Exalted Consciousness. There are no techniques in the book to accomplish this. The Third Quarter is a treatise on the mechanics of this growth; it is not a how-to manual. I have found the Yoga Sutras to be a “road map” of the stages of human consciousness. Nothing will replace the power of direct embodied experience.

Samyamah is a process which is described by the Sages as “the Bestower of Union”. The qualities of Focus, Resonance, and Stabilized Enlightened Consciousness -together -carry human consciousness to Exalted Consciousness and Unified Consciousness.

The Technique of Samyamah is given by a Sage to her student at the point when the student arrives in Stabilized Ascendent Consciousness. The giving of Samyamah is an in -person event. It is passed on from one open heart to another – energetically and with resonance and focus. If the student has not stabilized Ascendent Consciousness, this technique is a waste of time and can actually have the opposite effect. It is the relationship of the Mastery Teacher and her student that discovers the timing together.

Samyamah is then applied to various objects for the purpose of stabilizing Exalted Consciousness and Unified Consciousness.

There is always more……..

~ Supriya



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