Mastery of Loving – 2023


The Universal Ishayas

“Atha yoga anusasanam

Now, the Teaching of Yoga.”

Pada I. Sutra 1

Yoga also means union, also means ascension.

MAY 9 – 25, 2023 

vow night is May 14, 2023

OCT 1 – 31,  2023   

October 2023 vow night to is be determined 

At The Universal Ishaya Retreat Center, North Fork, CA 

Everything is in preparation to be unified with our Highest Self. We are all wired up for that. For those who have devoted their lives to that experience, there are practices that we can engage in to prepare for Union. To prepare our minds, central nervous system, relationships, and bodies for yoga – to sit in meditation effortlessly – and to remain permanently. The sages say that life actually begins at that point of Union. The invitation and opportunity is for you to have a direct experience of that in this lifetime. It’s not a big deal. It is all simple and natural for each of us.

The Ishayas Ascension is our base. The Stillness is our focus. What we put our attention on expands effortlessly.

Supriya Ishaya

415 570 3028

There is a 12 person limit per day for this residential course. Participants are required to be 48 hour Covid symptom free to attend in person. Devoted Advanced Ascenders are welcome to participate for a 3 to 7 day retreat within the Mastery Course environment, given that there is bed space.  People who have taken Ishaya vows are given priority.

Now that we have our own property now, so you can arrange with Supriya to come any time for a personal retreat by calling or texting 415 570 3028 or email to initiate a conversation.

Personal Retreats $165 per night – all inclusive (transportation is not included)

Mastery Course is a three to six month time spent in a retreat setting. There are also ZOOM meetings, phone meetings and connections with the Universal Ishaya community, Universal Ishaya Monks and with Supriya between your in person retreats. This is done at your own pace. 

Pre-requisite is The First Sphere of The Ishayas Ascension Meditation.

To register within the Mastery of Loving Course (Meditation Teacher Training) it would require for you to come for at least 17 consecutive nights within a retreat month.  The remaining months of your training will be scheduled after your first retreat is completed.

There are two options within the Mastery Course for Ascenders to participate for a 17 -night or a 21 -night retreat. Tuition includes, a focused environment to support hours of closed eyed meditation,  meetings, deep listening, advanced ascension meditation techniques, yoga, comfortable and spacious shared lodging, fun, and gourmet organic vegan meals prepared in house. 

  • 18 days/17 nights – $2,805
  • 22 days/21 nights – $3,465

To learn more about this Meditation Teacher Training Course/Mastery of the Loving, send us your email or give Supriya a call at 415 570 3028. There are partial scholarships for passionate, devoted individuals who are called to being Ishaya monks and committed to Mastering the Art of Loving. There are pre-requisites for partial scholarships. Have a conversation or two with Supriya to get your questions/concerns expressed.

Tuition and deposits are non-refundable. In the case of an emergency, and with our permission, you tuition will be transferred to a later course.  All major credit cards are accepted.

No refunds are made after your course begins.

October 2018 Mastery of Loving 2

July 2017 Mastery Group


Poe and Supriya in Ghost Ranch, NM Retreat