The Universal Ishaya Retreat Center

North Fork, CA 93643

We will be moving in by Mid-March, 2023.

Stay tuned for pictures….The four trailers will be moved to the land for additional housing…Exciting.

Inside “Scout”, the 1971 Vintage Airstream
Inside “Scout”

‘The Bird”
Inside ‘The Bird”

The above is “The Blue Bird of Happiness” – a rare 1958 Cat O Lac, Deville. The Cadillac Corporation made a few of these in the 1950’s. The Blue Bird is being restored. This trailer is fully functional and resides in Oakhurst, CA.

1951 M-System

Say hello to this beauty – Emma! She is even more obscure than The Blue Bird. Her insides are 90% in tact. The wood is so beautiful and untouched that Moksha cried when he first walked inside! We pulled her from Oakhurst to April’s Clovis Ranch and she made it!!! Long story and many miracles. Moksha, Jan, Paul and Supriya worked on getting her road ready…. Jan and Supriya set out to tow Emma to Fallbrook, Ca. on February 10. They made it to Buellton, CA. Another miracle – since Supriya and Jan had two incidents on the highway. Emma remained in Buellton for a month with Bob Castillo’s RV – waiting in line for some more repairs, which actually only took 5 hours when they got around to it. Which worked out – because Supriya was not towing anything for the next month! Safi, Jason and Supriya have recently towed Emma to Fallbrook, CA. This tow was preformed by Jason. No trouble at all! Supriya then towed her to downtown San Diego where Emma is now being rewired, re-plumbed, all the windows restored, etc by So Cal Vintage Trailer.

Inside Emma
Moksha – “vedic flying” – working on Emma’s hitch at April’s Clovis Ranch – notice Emma in the background.

Here is our most recent adoption – a 1972 Airstream. First spotted in a used car lot in Oakhurst by Jan! Currently being made fully functional by Moksha, Supriya and our consultant friend, Todd – on Kim’s Place (thank you Kim for a safe and comfortable place to work) in Oakhurst. It takes a community to have this kind of fun! On the 110F days – Moksha and I would finish up work at 2pm and drive up the hill for a “Nestea Plunge” in Sukrapayah’s pool! Ahhhhhhh! Thank you for the enjoyment of all these days together!

We have completed this “Colestream” (twin of Scout) as of December 2022.

This Airstream is an expression of love for Supriya’s son Cole. (Thus ‘Colesteam’)

As of 1/9/2023, we are in escrow. 1/15/2023, our loan has been approved and the house/land appraised at 25K over purchase price.

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