RoseThe Third Quarter of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali describes the second stage of Enlightenment; Exalted Consciousness. There are no techniques in the book to accomplish this. The Third Quarter is a treatise on the mechanics of this growth; it is not a how-to manual. I have found the Yoga Sutras to be a “road map” of the stages of human consciousness. Nothing will replace the power of direct embodied experience.

Samyamah is a process which is described by the Sages as “the Bestower of Union”. The qualities of Focus, Resonance, and Stabilized Enlightened Consciousness -together -carry human consciousness to Exalted Consciousness and Unified Consciousness.

The Technique of Samyamah is given by a Sage to her student at the point when the student arrives in Stabilized Ascendent Consciousness. The giving of Samyamah is an in -person event. It is passed on from one open heart to another – energetically and with resonance and focus. If the student has not stabilized Ascendent Consciousness, this technique is a waste of time and can actually have the opposite effect. It is the relationship of the Mastery Teacher and her student that discovers the timing together.

Samyamah is then applied to various objects for the purpose of stabilizing Exalted Consciousness and Unified Consciousness.

There is always more……..

~ Supriya



Ushering in The Age of Miracles


The invitation is to prepare yourself to participate fully in Ushering in The Age of Miracles. If you are on the planet, you are participating in the evolution of human consciousness. There are many ways to prepare and play.

One way is to have a daily practice of closed eyed, quiet meditation.

Another exercise is to cultivate “being surprised”. Play with this for at least 40 days – really take on ” not knowing anything”.  Share with us what you discover in your own experience. All experiences are valid.

I have found, personally, that my innate sense of wonder and awe reappears in my subjective experience. I have also been playing with “being a response” as to “being a reaction” to what presents itself as Life. I also experience more fun and a mischievous innocence. It seems to me that I can play with this one forever.

This has been a great relief and relaxation for my physical body. For me it is all about relationships. Relationships to all the people in my life. Relationships to all the trees in my life. Relationships to human systems we have put in place. Relationship to The Mother Earth is a big one for me. Relationship to myself.

I have a commitment to people experiencing being loved. Now, with in that – I am willing to explore and see where I am not loving? Where I do not have the capacity to love yet?Where am I not accepting of what is presenting itself to me?  Which again, the surprise  – and my own subjective experience with expanded awareness.

Are you willing to take that journey? Do you really want to see that? Are you ready to discover where your limits to loving are? What is your definition of Love? I would love to hear from you.

More surprises……

~ Supriya









To trust a stranger without investigation invites troubles so endless that even our descendents must endure them.

After investigation, entrust a person with matters for which they are trustworthy. To trust a person who has not been tested and to suspect a person who has proven to be trustworthy leads to endless ills.

~ Vedic Wisdom

The Season of Advent

Advent is about longing – a feminine power. It is about waiting, anticipating, yearning – without being attached, without giving up on what is promised. It is directly experiencing the longing for the beloved. The intensity of desire is what brings us to what is needed every step of the way and ultimately introduces us to this feminine power of longing. This Season understands longing and loneliness and long nights. Let yourself fall open to Advent, and vulnerability, and deep need to find the lost promise and a call to Life from an empty place inside -and believe that if we are steadfast and true, what is needed will be delivered.