Sound and Silence Women’s Retreat January 2017

“The Sound and Silence Retreats are well kept secrets and if you have the opportunity to be reading this-don’t let it go unnoticed. Having attended an all women’s college I could speak highly about how the experience empowered me as a woman but it would not hold a candle to the power and magic of being in community with Devavani and Supriya. Growing and having permission to find my voice in a way I have never before and at the same time sink into profound Silence. It’s just a gift and an honor to be in community with powerful, nurturing, supportive women.”      ~ Maya Ji, (author, artist, retreat leader, international diplomat, business woman.)


“To experience the spiritual community of women with such connection, joy, and deep peace is what was found on this retreat.” ~ Fenella, ( Registered Nurse, “Wee Companions” founder, NFP organization)


“This experience with women who have the same mindset has changed my life and aided me on my journey. Words cannot express the feeling I have. I am complete. ”


“A powerful place for gently unearthing and shining a light on what is ready for change and what is ripe for cherishing and celebrating. Relaxing, centering, fun, belonging. A place to reconnect to the bubbling power and humor of women.” ~ Halli (author, actor, and consultant)